"I instruct artists in the creative principles and also offer each the technical tools they need to discover their unique artistic voice so as to flourish in expressing their vision
and visual narrative within their natural creative abilities."

Teaching Philosophy


I believe in each person there is an artist; a voice desiring to speak visually. My teaching method is to build upon one's natural ability, offering the timeless universal concepts used by the Impressionists, and multiple technical processes to choose from,  for one to achieve the skills to be free to express the beauty of their visual narrative.

Why I begin with Impressionism

Impressionism is the bridge between the Academy/Classical and Modern Art. It is the mortar that holds those worlds, it is the transitional place from which students can explore the various schools. The Impressionists worked side-by-side fulfilling each other without competing with each other, which is my teaching philosophy. In the tradition of the Impressionists, students experience the beauty of light and color by living in the moment, making their work timeless.


Methods, Materials & Techniques

Methods from the classical to the modernists are the tools Wright selects from for his students to celebrate their moment, so as their newly discovered signature brushstrokes and personalized colors choreograph their ideas into a reality.