How to Be an Impressionist
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What You Will Learn

Learn Dmitri's master artist methods developed from more than 50 years of experience teachings thousands the why's and how's in building upon their natural abilities using the timeless universal principles and methods of the Impressionists to achieve the freedom to express their narrative in paint.

  • Learn the principles and methods of the artistic movements in Impressionism​

  • Discover your voice with insights from Dmitri's "Art of Creativity." 

  • Build your skills through his step-by-step flexible drawing and painting processes 

  • Experience how to draw and paint freely in your natural style



Who is This For?


For all Creatives: Beginners to Advanced 

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Introduction - The Philosophy and Canon of Impressionism

Part One - The Artists and Foundational Principles

Master Class on "How to be an Impressionist" Part One introduces the development of Impressionism, its influences, the artists, and the core foundational principles and philosophy of its canon for you to be an Impressionist.  Dmitri's method of using the Tree of Impressionism as a teaching tool is to introduce students to particular key characteristics found in each of the following artists:  4 major influencers of the Academy (Roots); 6 of the Natural European Impressionists, 6 of the Americans Impressionists; several Post Impressionists, Fauvists and beyond. Included are videos containing suggested assignments (exercises) to practice to increase your awareness of these principles that will benefit you as you move forward in Part Two - Drawing, Part Three - Painting, and Part Four- Plein Air Painting.


A downloadable Master Class Workbook for Part One contains content from these videos as a supplement, and writings from Dmitri's My Dancing Brush book and The Art of Creativity workshops – i.e. the Impressionist Foundation, Luminous Way, The 5 Elements, and The 7 Principles of the Intuitive Way for your reflection.


Part One of the Master Class Workbook 

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Free Download of the Tree of Impressionism

Part Two –The Foundational Elements of Drawing

The Foundational Elements of Drawing for Skills Building w/Personalize Expressions of Light on Form.


Full Description

How to be an Impressionist Master Class Part Two introduces the foundational elements for skill-building beginning with Dmitri’s methods for increasing your visual acuity and comprehension for finding yourself in the subject for capturing the moment. Demonstrations for developing a sketch from the dot to line to shape and form onto studies for more formal drawings. Introduction to the classical and his contemporary view of the elements of light for structure building through the different approaches for planned or expressive drawings as a framework for painting or as ends in themselves. Compositional designs and types will be presented through various examples of works of Dmitri and his favorite artists for you to develop dynamic platforms for your narratives with personalized expressions of light on form.  

Videos and Handouts for Part II are in production, they will be uploaded upon completing the editing.

IG - DmitriWright. Provencal. Farnese Meadow 48x60 2018 Oil on Canvas 15,250.jpg

Part Three - Painting With Your Dancing Brush 


Videos and Handouts for Part III are in production,  they will be uploaded upon completing the editing.

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Part Four –Letting Nature Come to You en Plein Air


Videos will begin production shortly, while  Handouts for Part IV are in production, they will be uploaded upon completing the editing.



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