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What You Will Learn

Learn Dmitri's master artist methods developed from his years of experience teachings thousands of the why's and how's in building upon their natural abilities using the timeless universal principles and methods of the Impressionists to achieve the freedom to express their narrative in paint.

  • Learn the principles and methods of the artistic movements in Impressionism​

  • Discover your voice with insights from Dmitri's "Art of Creativity" 

  • Build your skills through his step-by-step flexible drawing and painting processes 

  • Experience how to draw and paint freely in your natural style



Who Is This For?


For all Creatives: Beginners to Advanced 

What You Recieve



Exclusive Access

24/7 Access

32 hours of Lessons

(73 Videos)

$495.00 a year

Master Class




How To Be An Impressionist Painter 




Part One Introduction - The Philosophy and Canon of Impressionism

On the development of Impressionism, cultural influences and the core foundational principles and philosophy of its canon for you to be an Impressionist. 

1.     The Canon and Philosophy of Impressionism

2.     Insights - How to be an Impressionist

3.     The Ladder of Visual Acuity 

4.    Introduction - The Visual Ladder 

Part One - The Artists and Foundational Principles

Master Class on "How to be an Impressionist" Part One (15 Videos) introduces the development of Impressionism, its influences, the artists, and the core foundational principles and philosophy of its canon for you to be an Impressionist.  Dmitri's method of using the Tree of Impressionism as a teaching tool is to introduce students to particular key characteristics found in each of the following artists:  4 major influencers of the Academy (Roots); 6 of the Natural European Impressionists, 6 of the Americans Impressionists; several Post Impressionists, Fauvists and beyond. Included are videos containing suggested assignments (exercises) to practice to increase your awareness of these principles that will benefit you as you move forward in Part Two - Drawing, Part Three - Painting, and Part Four- Plein Air Painting.


A downloadable Master Class Workbook for Part One contains content from these videos as a supplement, and writings from Dmitri's My Dancing Brush book and The Art of Creativity workshops – i.e. the Impressionist Foundation, Luminous Way, The 5 Elements, and The 7 Principles of the Intuitive Way for your reflection.


Part One of the Master Class Workbook 

Password will be sent to participants.

Free Download of the Tree of Impressionism

Dmitri introduces students to particular key characteristics found in 22 of his favorite artists as mentors in addition to himself so as to become impressionist painters, along with suggested practice exercises.


1.    The Tree of Impressionism 

2.    The Roots of Impressionism 4 Artists

3.    Manet – Sisley – Monet

4.    Renoir – Morisot – Degas

5.    Cassatt- Sargent- Chase

6.    Twachtman – Weir  - Hassam

7.    Van Gogh- Cezanne – Bonnard

8.    Matisse- Derain – Kandinsky

9.    The Roots: Takeaways Point & Assignments

10.  Manet – Sisley – Monet Assignments

11.  Renoir – Morisot – Degas Assignments

12.  Sargent – Chase- Hassam Assignments

13.  Weir- Twachtman- Cassatt Assignments

14.  Van Gogh- Cezanne – Bonnard Assignments

15.  Matisse- Derain – Kandinsky Assignments

What are Students Saying?

I am just blown away by;  it all it’s the best.

I’ve taken over 60+ online art classes in the past 10 years it’s definitely the best I’ve ever taken;  it is so thorough. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years I so love the part where you go through the different Impressionists.  I’m visiting museums all the time and studying books and your videos really helped me. I could listen to you for hours; everything you say is gold.


For me, I didn’t know what to expect.

When I opened the workbooks I was blown away because they were so comprehensive. It just open my eyes completely to a world that has been hovering around my head that I have never been able to interpret;  it is clearing up so many things for me. I love the bios of the different impressionists, it completely helped to open my eye to that world. The flow is perfect.


The gates are open, here comes this magical world. 

Cont'd   >>>

 >>> I am with you right there in the studio or out walking in your garden, wherever is; it makes me go out when I am walking in the woods, or today it was by the ocean where I am taking in the senses, thinking of you and thinking how this is working, so very successful for me. It’s been a major eye; it’s making my paintings different done 3 so far, it's just different.   It’s the kind of thing that absorbs into my brain, I do not even know it is there, I am working so differently now. It's fantastic.


The master class goes into so much I did not know about the impressionists. I enjoyed videos so much that to the point when I would have 10 minutes I would jump on to view just one and was immediately sucked into watching 3 and 4 more.  From an education standpoint, it's excellent, especially the aspect of the importance of drawing as warmups to painting. I like flexibility and layout it's a fit for my schedule.

Jim B

Part Two –The Foundationals: Elements of Drawing, Visual Perception, Light & Composition

How to be an Impressionist Master Class Part Two (20 Videos)  introduces the foundational elements for skill-building beginning with Dmitri’s methods for increasing your visual acuity and comprehension for finding yourself in the subject for capturing the moment. Demonstrations for developing a sketch from the dot to line to shape and form onto studies for more formal drawings. Introduction to the classical and his contemporary view of the elements of light for structure building through the different approaches for planned or expressive drawings as a framework for painting or as ends in themselves. Compositional designs and types will be presented through various examples of works of Dmitri and his favorite artists for you to develop dynamic platforms for your narratives with personalized expressions of light on form.  

Part Two of Master Class Workbook . The password is the same.

Part Two: Drawing, Visual Perception, Composition, and Light

Begin your skill-building with Dmitri’s methods for increasing your drawing and visual acuity for personalized expression and what to look out for in building a dynamic platform for your narratives. 

A: Elements of Drawing & Visual Perception

1.     Drawing Skills 101 – Dot – Line-Shape Form

2.     Drawing Skills 101.1 Dot Method

3.     Drawing Skills 101.2 Line

4.     Drawing Skills 101.3 Shape

5.     Form & the 5 Elements of Light

6.     Practice Exercise – The Dot for Estimation

7.     Progressive Warm-up Sketching Demo & Practice Exercise

8.     The 5 Senses and 5 Visual Perceptions & Exercises

9.     Contour Line Drawing Demo & Exercise

10.   Creating Structure: Form as Foundation for Brushstrokes


B. Foundations: Elements of Composition 

1.     Composition introduction types and influences

2.     Composition flat design 

3.     Composition perspective

4.     Composition combinations and practice exercise

5.     The power of the arrow - introduction

6.     Power of the arrow - flow

7.     Power of the arrow demo - still life

8.     Power of the arrow demo - Visual prioritization

9.     Practice exercise

1. DmitriWright.Polyphony OpusTallis_48x60. Oil 2017 2017 and 2022 $15250 copy.jpeg

Part Three - Painting With Your Dancing Brush 

Experience color and light, develop your palette, find your ‘golden color,’ create with dynamic applications of paint, and view demonstrations of Dmitri’s step-by-step intuitive flexible fool-proof painting processing. 

Part III – Preludes to My Dancing Brush

  1. Underdrawings the Preliminary Step to Painting 

  2. Flat Design: Drawing for Wireframe Studies for Paintings

  3. Demo Direct Wireframe Drawing on Canvas Panel

  4. 1.1 Iris Prelude to Painting – Full-Scale Warm-ups Concepts and Principles

  5. 1.2 Iris Prelude to Painting – Full-Scale Contour with Charcoal

  6. 1.3 Iris Prelude to Painting – Full-Scale Contour Brush Drawing

  7. Iris Part I Using rhythmic energy for compositional studies

  8. Iris Part II Using rhythmic energy for compositional studies

  9. Iris Underpainting stage tone ground foundations

  10. Iris Wire Frame Foundation on Canvas 

Painting Process

Part III - Painting My Dancinb Brush - Direct Approach

  1. Direct Approach Introduction

  2. Direction Approach  Lyrical Layers: Demo Watch & Listen

  3. Direct Approach Demo  2x Speed Watch & Listen

  4. Direct Approach Brushwork – Abstract Impressionism

  5. Direct Approach Commentary & Demonstration on Finish

Painting Process

Part III- Painting: My Dancing Brush - Layering Approach

  1. Daffodils Opus Painting Process Session 1 Demo with Lecture

  2. Daffodils Opus I Painting Process Session 2 Demo with Lecture

  3. Daffodils Opus I Painting Process Session 3 Silent Demo 2x Speed with 1minute Summary

  4. Daffodils Opus I  Painting Process Session 4a Demo Normal Speed with music

  5. Daffodils Opus I & II Painting Process Session 4b Lecture and Demo

  6. Daffodils Opus I Painting Process Session 5  Demo Normal Speed with music

  7. Daffodils Opus II Painting Process Session 6  Demo and Lecture with Music

  8. Layering Approach Introduction

  9. Layering Approach Demonstration Part 1

  10. Layering Approach Demonstration Part 2

Part III: My Dancing Brush - Iris Abstracted

  1. Underpainting Glaze and Wet-on-Wet Painting

  2. Iris Painting Process 1.0 Introduction Lecture

  3. Iris Painting Process 1.1 Patterns of Color and BrushWork - Demonstration and Lecture

  4. Iris Painting Process 1.2 Building Unity: Color, Pattern and Brushwork

  5. Iris Painting Process 1.3 The Realm of Color

Part III: Painting Light and Color 

1. The Mystery of Light and Color 

2. The Golden Color

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Part Four –Letting Nature Come to You en Plein Air

1. Merging the Worlds - The Plein Air Experience

2. Plein Air Oil Sketch: Painting on a Sunny & Windy Day

3. Capturing Colors in Anticipation Part I & II

Click here for the 35+page handout for Part IV


Managing Your Creative Mindset

Introduction to Elements of Light



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