Wright is a painter, master instructor, inspirational speaker, and poet. His classical training in the foundations used by the Academy and Impressionist masters is evident in his work as an American painter in the tradition of his mentors. His Art of Creativity is for all artists of all levels.

Impressionist Studio &  Plein Air Workshops

Winter 2021 @ Dmitri on Zoom 

To be announced. Classes and Workshops from Dmitri Studio via Zoom


Winter 2021 @ Silvermine Art Center


The Floral Experience: A Painterly Expression of the Mystery From Impressionism to Abstractionism

Wednesdays  9-11 am 

Via ZOOM for Silvermine

1.13.21- 3.17.21

In the experience of the fleeting glance, you will look to capture the illustrative narrative of the floral subject. As students move in time from representationalism, impressionism towards abstraction of their subject the floral and landscapes becomes a proxy for your vision.  In abstracting via deconstruction to reconstruction you will look towards a new reality in a way that makes the painting its own subject.  Students should be comfortable with their materials and are welcomed to work in any media. 

Abstract Painting: Your Choice Floral, Landscape, or Figure in Symbols and Color

Wednesdays  1-4 pm 

In Silvermine 

1.13.21- 3.17.21

Develop your own unique personal vision as an abstract painter and explore new ideas via the art of the creative process. The focus will be on the abstraction from the representative in applying one’s personal perception, temperament, and aesthetical beauty for more expressive freedom in the chosen subject: such as figure, floral, or landscape.  There will be painting demonstrations and examples of color and compositional theory, in addition to playful exercises in working large, both individually and collectively. Students at all levels are welcome to work in any medium of their choice.

Contemporary Impressionism and Beyond: Experience to Expression

Friday Mornings 9-12 


Fridays Afternoons 1-4 pm

In Silvermine 


Develop our own unique style while discovering the philosophy and techniques used by the impressionist masters. Such methods used by the impressionists were taken from the classical and today used by the modernists are the tools you will learn from illustrative to the abstract. Students from all levels and interests, as well as those working in all materials and methods, are welcomed from classical to abstract.



Transcending Abstraction in Impressionism


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