Wright is a painter, master instructor, inspirational speaker, and poet. His classical training in the foundations used by the Academy and Impressionist masters is evident in his work as an American painter in the tradition of his mentors. His Art of Creativity is for all artists of all levels.

Studio &  Plein Air Workshops

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Personalized Critiques


Summer 2021 @ Dmitri's Studio

Private and Semi-Private Lessons


Avialable weekdays in August 



2:00pm -5:00pm 


7:00pm -9:00pm 

Call 203-832-3325 or

email: contact@DmitriWright.com

Summer 2021 @ Silvermine Art Center


Abstract Painting: Your Choice Floral, Landscape, or Figure in Symbols and Color


JULY 30, 31, AUG 1

10:00 AM-3:00 PM


Develop your own unique personal vision as an abstract painter and explore new ideas via the art of the creative process. The focus will be on the abstraction from the representative in applying one’s personal perception, temperament, and aesthetical beauty for more expressive freedom in the chosen subject: such as figure, floral, or landscape. There will be painting demonstrations and examples of color and compositional theory, in addition to playful exercises in working large, both individually and collectively. Students at all levels are welcome to work in any medium of their choice.



Contemporary Impressionism and Beyond: Experience to Expression


AUG 13,14,15



Develop our own unique style while discovering the philosophy and techniques used by impressionist masters. Such methods used by the impressionists were taken from the classical and today used by the modernists are the tools you will learn from illustrative to the abstract. Students from all levels and interests, as well as those working in all materials and methods, are welcomed from classical to abstract.

Summer 2021 @ Weir Farm National Historic Park, NPS

Beginner Impressionist  Plein Air Painting Workshop 

Saturday, July 24th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Register now for the wildly popular beginner's Impressionist Painting Workshop with Dmitri Wright! This year the workshop is all outdoors. Our beginner workshop is open to all skill levels, and the classes fill up quickly, so call ASAP to reserve a spot! Call 203-834-1896 x 28 to register today!

No fee, this is your tax dollars at work. 

Advanced Impressionist Plein Air Painting Workshop

Thursday, August 12th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This workshop is designed for advanced artists interested in learning more about the science and poetry of Impressionist landscape painting. Classes fill up quickly, so call ASAP to reserve a spot! Call 203-834-1896 x 28 to register today!

No fee, this is your tax dollars at work. 

Sunset to Moonlight Night Plein Air Painting Workshop

Registration for this season's Impressionist night painting workshop is open! Call 203-834-1896 x 28 to register for the adult workshop held from 6:00 to 10:00 pm on Sunday, August 22, during the full moon! Classes fill quickly, so call ASAP to reserve a spot!

No fee, this is your tax dollars at work. 

Summer 2021 @ Springfield Museum



Impressionist Painting

Thursday and Friday

August 19 & 20


Capture the illustrative narrative of your subject in the impressionist style. Students will learn how to move from representationalism to impressionistic expression. Students can work from a still-life, photos, or one’s imagination when working within the various genres of Impressionism. Dmitri teaches his unique approach in the art of creativity using the science and poetic lens from sketch to painting using his step-by-step proven method 4-step method to assist you in capturing the essence of your style through your chosen materials. Supply list provided.  Zoom link will be sent the day before the class.