"Dear Dmitri,  You helped me see that Art is something we are: not something we do.
I think I knew that once, but then I forgot.
You made me remember.
Thank you," Maia



"After studying with Dmitri...I feel stars in my eyes, rainbows in my heart, and sunshine in my brain..."


"I have been painting for 14 years and have learned an incredible amount of new techniques that are both inspirationally invaluable to me as I inspired to improve my art bravo to Dmitri for a most wonderful art experience"( in this two-day workshop October).

"I want to thank you for your wonderful instruction but also for your insight, compassion, and thoughtfulness as I ventured into painting for my ’self’. Not as an educator, a designer, or an artist in another field. But to explore my inner being. Because of your kindness, I finally found validation in the Silvermine award… not because of my work... it was a validation and only so because you believed in me. Thank you. With much gratitude." DCL

" I didn't think I could do sketching so fast and make so much progress in my painting in just one session."


"The Park Service is fortunate to have Dmitri as an instructor I really appreciated his level of mastery as an artist and an educator and his ability to make artistic technique easily understandable someone like me who is not an artist all the way up to an expert student."


"Please share with Dmitri how much I appreciate the week I spent at Weir Farm... His encouragement to paint with joy and color has had a sincere impact on my current work. I "play" now with abandon." DH, NY


“He understands my creative and technical struggle, helps me in where I want to go.”


"Please send my best congratulations to Dmitri Wright who has been such an authentic voice to me," JS, CT.


" He is my art doctor, he knows exactly what I need."


“Dmitri’s gift is his mastery of so many techniques, yet he has the ability to teach it, making it simple to understand and use.”


“His classes are magical.”


“Each year I study with him, I grow as an artist and as a person.”


“He is so enthusiastic and has a depth of knowledge more than anyone I have ever studied with - he makes it all come alive, he understands us because of this he shares his journey as an artist.”


"I first took the two-day workshop in early May and then recently took the four days. I learned more from Dmitri's teachings than from any other instructor that I have had in the past several years. He also puts the fun back into art! I will be a student of his from now on." AFL

“Dear Dmitri Thank you so much for your patience and generosity, these past ten weeks have been a dream come true. You are a great teacher, I learned so much from you. I amazed myself to see how much I have improved my painting skills.  These last ten weeks have been so magical that now when I am painting I feel stars in my eyes, rainbows in my heart and sunshine in my brain. God bless you and your family. Warmly ECCdeD”