Master Class Curriculum 

Master Class: The Academy to Contemporary Impressionism and Beyond into Abstraction. 

My mission as an instructor is to assist other artists to flourish within their own unique creative process by helping them connect with and build upon their natural ability and renew their vision in discovering a clear voice in expressing their narrative. I offer each student the principles and tools they need to express more fervently their vision in accomplishing their goals through technical achievement for artistic freedom to live in the moment of creating.


Impressionism was the gateway to modern art, and is the bridge over from the Academy. Beginning with Impressionism's philosophy, as it was then and is now, I help others find a new way of looking at the world with its ever fresh philosophy and foundational methods. Through lecture, demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and group discussions students come away with a renewed vision and insight, in addition to confidence in an increased competency in the practical technical skills in the medium of their choice oils, acrylics, watercolor.


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2, 3 or a 4 Day Intensive Formats



The  Master Class Workshop Curriculum

  • Philosophy, Principles, and Methods of Impressionism

  • The Academy's Foundations

  • Five Principles of Visual Perceptions

  • Foundations of Sketching and Studies

  • Color and Sensibilities – From theory to building one’s personalized palettes

  • Composition, Form and Movement

  • Artistic Perspective within the Narrative of Space

  • Light: the 8 Elements from Chiaroscuro to Transcendence

  • Intuition and Imagination: Insights into painting your Narrative

  • Nurturing the Creative Process

  • Five Essentials for Creating: Moment to Message

  • Balancing the Application of Science and Poetry

  • Abstraction and Figuration - Your Voice as a Painter

  • Signatures: Music and Movement in your Brushstrokes

  • From Studio to Plein air - Plein air to Studio

  • Principles of The Intuitive Way: Intention to Integration


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Talks, Demonstrations, Judging

  • Gallery Talks: Poetry and Science of Capturing Light through Color

  • Master Class Curriculum Topics

  • Judge for Juried Shows


Transcending Abstraction in Impressionism


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